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Following all of these guidelines will speed up the response you receive from technical support as well as helping to ensure that your questions are answered correctly.

  1. Please spend some time searching for answer in our operating manual and CPanel manual first. These contain valuable information and answers to most of the HOW TO questions can be found in these manuals.

  2. Make sure technical support can respond to you. Always use our Help Desk to file your support requests. Be sure to check the email account that you have provided to the help desk when waiting for a reply.


Support Request (fastest) : Help Desk Please bookmark the helpdesk page for future use.

Contact E-mail (Technical) :

Cancellation : Login to Members / Support to Cancel

Telephone : We do not offer Telephone support as that will increase the cost of operations, which will not allow us to offer these low prices. Moreover, web hosting support needs precise and detailed information, which is always easy to provide by e-mail. We act on all support tickets/e-mails within 24 hours, normally within a few minutes/hours.

Quick access information:

  • Your web site : or

  • Control Panel (CPanel) : or

  • CPanel secure access :

  • Your Web Mail :

  • FTP address for ftp upload:

  • Mail Server : Use for both incoming and outgoing

  • Front Page (if enabled) : Publish to

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Help Desk

Bluetech Operating Manual

(The manual page will take a while to load - the whole manual is in a single page printable format)

CPANEL Manual in pdf format